More Comfort, Game Longer

Enjoy long gaming sessions with HyperX gaming headsets without compromising sound quality. Upgrade your gaming experience with immersive in-game sound offered by Cloud Stinger headsets, hear from soft footsteps to impacting explosions, and game longer with lightweight comfort paired with durable, adjustable steel sliders. Elevate comfort and precision beyond sound. Pulsefire Core gaming mouse delivers the essentials for gamers looking for a solid, comfortable, wired RGB gaming mouse.

Cloud Stinger S, Cloud Stinger Core, and Pulsefire Core is now available at select HP World Stores. Learn more about the products, and find your nearest HP World location to game with HyperX today!


Immersive Audio

Whether you are focusing on the competition, or just enjoying your favorite games, a comfortable headset with crystal clear audio is a must.

Speed & Precision

Get smooth gliding with pinpoint precision will help pull impressive moves during those competitive scrims.

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