Making Every Click Count

When it comes to gaming on PC, your keyboard is your most important ally. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’ve got one that suits you and your play style.Our Keyboards come with HyperX Red, Aqua or Blue switches, all with different click sounds and level of tactile feel. Whether you are a player that likes to live loud and feel the click, or prefer to attack in silky smooth silence, HyperX keyboards will help you rise to glory. Check out our range of keyboards below and find your perfect gaming companion.
'I love playing Valorant with the Origin 60 because I use a lot of sensitivity with my Pulsfire FPS Pro and I didn't hit once with the keyboard. It's really smooth and you'll feel it's everything that you need.' ' The best mousepad I've ever used is called Fury S. I use the biggest size cause I can even flick Jett that is dashing far away without getting off the mousepad'. Alejandro 'Black' Garcia

Precision without the Pricetag

Be in control of the action with the range of high performance mice from HyperX. Built with premium Pixart sensors, you’re safe in the knowledge that every movement and click will be registered, always keeping you in control of the fight. HyperX mice come with a range of features that gamers love, from lightweight honeycomb designs, through to 11 button reprogrammable mice, and even wireless options for ultimate freedom. Take your pick and glide onto the battlefield.

The Support You Need

Firm foundations are always a key to success, which is why it's important to not only have great gear, but also a great base to use it on. HyperX mousepads are designed to support optimal mouse movement, ensuring the sensors pick up every movement you make instead of lagging or skipping. Speed or precision, hard top or soft, HyperX has a mousepad that will become your favourite support. Check out our range below.
'I love how smooth the red switches feel while gaming' Cloud9 White Jazzyk1ns 'I like how compact my keyboard is and the aqua switches are great for my movement'
Cloud9 White meL