Feel the difference that comfort makes with these 5 in-game tests.

Flex those fingers, and get the hydration station set up – it’s time to tackle the Cloud III comfort challenge. The third mainline iteration in HyperX’s iconic Cloud series of gaming headsets has been built to keep you in constant comfort. We’re going to ask you to put it through its paces and see if you can notice the difference that comfort can have in 6 different aspects of gaming.

Don’t believe us? Put it to the test! We’ve concocted 5 in-game endurance challenges to not only trial the Cloud III’s long-lasting comfort but also highlight the headset’s many other in-game advantages. Is this just a thinly-veiled excuse for a gaming binge? Maybe! But it’s also science, so take part and you’ll prove that you’ve got great taste and intelligence.

The HyperX Cloud III Wired Gaming Headset

1. Immersive Comfort Test: Take a tour in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (or Breath of the Wild)

Link’s latest outing in Hyrule is the first title up on our list, because we figure that most of you are already going to be roaming the Hyrulian countryside. Breath of the Wild is already mesmerizingly easy to lose yourself in for hours, and with the sky and underground in Tears of the Kingdom there’s even more exploring to be done, so exploring is what we want you to do!

Saddle up Epona (or whatever rude name you gave your horse instead, heretics) and pack Link a meal or two, and maybe go on a world tour. Don your Cloud III and hit up Kakariko Village, Gerudo Town, Goron City, Tarrey Town, and more in a single session. With a new, extra padded memory foam headband, we feel like you’ll be noticing your headphone less, and find yourself even more captivated by your surroundings than you ever were before.

Hyrule is a gorgeous place to travel through, and with the Cloud III equipped you’ll be delivered all of its gentle piano notes and ambient effects through angled 53mm drivers tailor-made for gaming. Apologies to everyone, but taking down Ganondorf will have to wait. We’re busy soaking in the vibes of this sky forest.

2. Maximum Focus Comfort Challenge: Try and get a new Top Play in osu!

HyperX already has a legion of fans in the osu! community because of the Alloy Origins mechanical keyboards’ high polling rate and responsive switches. Maybe the Cloud III’s comfort will earn it a place in the hearts of the osu! elite, as well.

Anyone who’s played osu! knows that if you’re going to be a good player, you need to be able to lock in. Even blinking at a bad moment can tank a run. That’s where the Cloud III shines, delivering crystal-clear audio without knocking you out of the zone.

Comfort = Concentration, Discomfort = Distraction. We want you to see if you can notice the difference while you’re trying to top the leaderboards. Find your new favorite beatmap and get tapping until you hit the top! We think you’ll find the Cloud III so comfortable that it’s much easier for you to become one with the rhythm, and you never drop a combo due to your headset mucking up your mojo.

3. All-Around Comfort Challenge: Climb Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s competitive ladder

Are you in hardstuck hell? Whether you’re slugging through Silver or on the Master Guardian grind, there’s no shame in admitting that your competitive placement hasn’t shifted in a while. But as our mediocre headshot percentage will attest, practice is only part of the way to making perfect. We’re here to help you raise that rank.

Audio advantage is pivotal in tactical FPS games. The Cloud III’s impeccable audio balance will help you pick out those cross-map footsteps, and the upgraded microphone will convey your corresponding call-outs with clarity. More important, however, is how well it’ll help you maintain your focus. Discomfort is a deadly distraction when you’re holding an AWP angle or preparing a peek. The Cloud III’s evolved comfort will keep your mind and attention where it’s needed:on domination.

A comfortable headset means it’s more likely that you’ll keep wearing it, you’ll have less fatigue, and your overall level of play should stay higher. So, it might take days, it might take months, but we’ve got a feeling that with the Cloud III’s comfort you will make it to that next competitive tier. Such a technological improvement does mean your excuses for whiffing will be whittled down significantly, though. It was a lag spike, we swear!

4. Everyday Comfort Challenge: Make a Legendary loot rush in Diablo 4

With a June 6th release date, Diablo 4 hasn’t quite unleashed its monstrosities upon us just yet. But a savvy gamer plans for the future. A savvy gamer plans for comfort.

Since you’re going to be clearing your calendar to spend all your free time battling unspeakable horrors, you’re going to need a headset that you can rely on day after day, night after night. A headset that is so comfortable, you won’t notice it there as you have to go back and battle the same boss for the 5th time in 30 minutes. When the game releases, make the Cloud III your stalwart companion as you stomp through skeletons in a race to secure your first piece of Legendary loot.

Even if you’re wearing glasses, the Cloud III’s memory foam will deliver peak comfort to outlast any onslaught from Lilith’s demonic hordes. And when you’re delving down through the dark for treasures, the included lifetime activation of DTS Spatial Audio will ascend your immersion to heavenly heights that even archangel Inarius can’t rival. RNG might be a royal pain during this challenge, but we think that with the Cloud III, you won’t be feeling any of that pain in your head.

5. Focal Endurance Comfort Challenge: Outlast Forza Horizon 5’s Goliath

Forza’s most recent arcade outing features a gargantuan map, with nearly 80 square miles of jungle, desert, mountain, and volcano-adjacent roads to race across. And you’re going to be tearing up most of them. Enter, the Goliath: Forza Horizon 5’s longest race, stretching through every region of the map and down the length of both coastlines. A single lap is an intense and exhausting experience. We want you to put the pedal to the metal and see if the Cloud III’s comfort impacts your driving and surviving.

It takes a lot of focus to keep control of a supercar approaching a corner at more than 200 kph. That’s a level of concentration easily wrecked by an uncomfortable headset. Everyone who’s ever paused in the middle of a good lap knows that nothing good ever happens when you break concentration and have to refocus.

This is where the Cloud III comes in clutch. Nestling your ears between premium leatherette and memory foam ear cups, it’ll probably keep you so comfortable during the circuit that you might forget it’s even on. We doubt that any real race driver has been cozier behind the wheel.

So, there you have it. 5 factors of comfort, each with a challenge that we’re confident the Cloud III’s comfort will easily pass. After all, with the legacy of Cloud headsets, comfort is in the Cloud’s DNA. Did you try taking any of the Cloud III Comfort Challenges? Do you have other challenges you think would be a match for its comfort? Let us know in the comments!


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