As the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Shanghai approaches, excitement builds for what promises to be a landmark event on the esports calendar. From May 22 to June 9, the top 12 teams from around the globe will descend upon Shanghai, China, to compete for the prestigious title of Masters Champion. This second global event of the 2024 VCT season marks Riot Games' inaugural international VALORANT LAN event in China, setting the stage for an unforgettable competition.


VCT Masters Shanghai 2024

VCT Masters represents the pinnacle of competitive VALORANT, a grand tournament that showcases the best teams from around the world. The 2024 edition in Shanghai will see fierce competition at the VCT CN Studio, with the climactic finals taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the largest venue in VCT history.


VCT Masters Shanghai 2024

The tournament unfolds in two main stages: the Swiss Stage and the Playoffs. 

- Swiss Stage: The Swiss Stage features an eight-team Swiss System format, including the second and third seeds from each region. All matches in this stage are best of three. In the first round, each second seed competes against a third seed from a different region. Teams with two wins advance to the Playoffs, while those with two losses are eliminated.

- Playoffs: The Playoffs consist of an eight-team double-elimination bracket. This stage includes the top four seeds from each region and the four teams that advanced from the Swiss Stage. A strategic twist in this format allows each top seed to choose their first-round opponent, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the competition.


VCT Masters Shanghai 2024

The lineup for VCT Masters Shanghai features the following  :


- Paper Rex

- Gen.G Esports

- T1


- 100 Thieves

- G2 Esports

- Leviatán


- Edward Gaming

- FunPlus Phoenix

- Dragon Ranger Gaming



- Team Heretics

- FUT Esports


VCT Masters Shanghai 2024

Catch all the live action on []( Tune in to witness high-stakes matches and earn exclusive Drops! These include a Title and Buddy representing the host region, with the Title celebrating a popular cheer and the Buddy paying homage to Shanghai's rich culinary heritage.

As the countdown to VCT Masters Shanghai begins, fans worldwide are gearing up for an electrifying display of skill, strategy, and sheer competitive spirit. Mark your calendars and prepare to witness history in the making at Masters Shanghai!