Location: Tokyo, Japan
Platform: PlayStation 4 + Arcade Stick Controller
Favorite Games: StreetFighter

Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi worked at a mahjong parlor in his teens, and it was through this humble occupation where he’d make an acquaintance that would change the course of his life. It was here that met and befriended and the owner of Topanga, Toyoda Fusuke, and through him, he met the fighting game legend, Daigo Umehara at the age of 18.

Being mentored and motivated by Daigo, Bonchan kept polishing his gaming skills and then made up his mind to become a pro gamer. Bonchan started to make his mark on the community by taking the runner-up of EVO 2014 for Street Fighter IV and claiming the championship at the RedBull Kumite for Street Fighter IV in 2015.

When Street Fighter V released in 2016, it took Bonchan a while to find his stride. But, Bonchan is no stranger to hard-work and self-discipline. He kept grinding, competing, and refining his skills and finally reached the top of the mountain in 2019 when he claimed four titles, including his first-ever Championship victory at EVO.

Whether he’s logging long hours polishing his timing to frame-perfection and mastering his technique, or battling for championships, Bonchan knows that the great audio quality and noise isolation that HyperX headsets provide can block out the noise and put him in the zone.

HyperX and Bonchan have a shared passion for gaming, and we’re both driven to broadcast our love for gaming to more potential gamers so to get a taste of the joy gaming can bring, potentially inspiring the next batch of HyperX Heroes.