Mitch Robinson
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Platform: PC
Favorite Games: Fortnite, CS:GO, Call of Duty

When Mitchell Robinson, diehard PC gamer, gets online to play a game of Fortnite or Call of Duty with the #RobSquad, he’s a fierce competitor. Once he logs off and gets to his day job, he’s an even fiercer competitor, kicking goals and laying down bone-crunching tackles in the midfield for the Brisbane Lions of the AFL.

Robbo is a hard-nosed, 12-year veteran of the league and was voted the Lions’ Best and Fairest in 2015. In his 2019 campaign, he tallied a career-high 19 goals in 2019 and helped propel Brisbane to their first Final in 10 years. Mitch does have a soft side for his family, counting his fondest memories in the league as his 100th and 150 appearances, matches where he was able to run out onto the field with his children.

Family ties are central to his gaming, as well. At the age of 5 or 6, he got into gaming to connect with his big brothers who both enjoyed playing Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake, and Team Fortress 2. 

Once Fortnite came out, he began getting back into gaming as a way to disconnect from football and to stay connected with his brother and friends. In 2018, he signed with Chiefs Esports Club, and really started getting into the world of competitive esports when he competed in the Australian Open’s Fortnite Tournament in 2019. He also uses his streaming reach for good, like when he raised over $15,000 AUD for the New South Wales Rural Fire Department on his 24-hour charity stream.

Mitch Robinson knows that whether you’re gaming to unwind, or for cash and prizes, reliable, comfortable gear is essential. That’s why he chooses HyperX. When he wants to give an earful to his mates, or needs to make crystal-clear callouts to his squad, he knows that his HyperX headsets will come through in the clutch.

If you’re dropping into a battle royale with Robbo, run for cover. The man is a wrecking ball both on the field and in-game, and he’s already equipped with legendary HyperX gear.

Mitch Robinson